Tuesday, July 20, 2010

EC Tribute Panic homage

This is something of an attempt at Jack Davis' character 'Mike
Hammer-Schlammer' from issue #1 of EC's Panic comic. Another
submission for the upcoming EC tribute Mini-comic.


  1. Jack Davis would be very hard to copy. I remember the story you are talking about and remember the ending is rather disturbing. Keep drawing Jeff!

  2. Thanks John, will do. You are right, trying to emulate the style of a comic legend is extremely hard. The only thing I think I came close to Davis on this is Hammer-Schlammers right shoe. It gives you a good sense of your own limitations. Drawing like your favorite artists is great for homages and such, but I think one is better off sticking to one's own style.

  3. I agree with you on the shoe, and some of the shading on the jacket. How about some Johnny Craig CrimeSuspense even better some Will Elder insanity?

  4. Have you recognized the 'Late One October Night' post? It's a new version redone from the first issue of the original 'Gravedust' comic, with the legendary 'Glazed' story. Will Elder... that would be kinda fun. Don't forget Krigstein.