Monday, May 24, 2010

Cousin Eerie

Uncle Creepy and Vampirella have all the fans. Cousin Eerie gets
the underdog status! Since I've had my nose in Eerie magazine back
issues all spring, I thought it was time for a Eerie homage.

Frazetta Girl

What's become of Tommy Pepper?

This much I can tell you, It's unlikely you'll be seeing any more of this strip.
Whatever was there for it when I started isn't there now. I wanted to do a dark,
shadowy ongoing comic strip. I'm not so sure I picked the best subject matter.
(For me, anyway). I've never been keen on guns either. Someone mentioned
'Stray Bullets' and that was it. I couldn't write this anymore and have it be
originl and cool and authentic sounding. Unless I hear major protest, this
is probably it for Tommy Pepper.

(Not to say this is the end of sequential comic strip ideas though, oh no).

Cloudy Outside

Third times a charm.

It's kind of hard to explain but, this is my third blog. To make a long
story short, through two computers and three internet providers, I
ended up running my last blog 'Cloudy Outside Comics' off a 'ghost'
Google account, using my old email address. I lost internet Tuesday
and was back on Thursday. I couldn't log on to my old blog however.
My old account, where I had the original Gravedust blog on, is now
this one. Makes perfect sense... right?