Saturday, December 11, 2010

The EC Tribute Mini-comic is here!

Main Enterprises new EC Tribute Mini-comic
is now available! You can order it here!

I have 7 illustrations in this one so I know you
will want one. They make excellent stocking
stuffers so order plenty! Help support alternative
press and your local starving artist!


  1. If the people out there know your art and love it like I do, they will order. Which reminds me. Bring one down to the store, I want one now. :)

  2. Thanks John, will do! I think it holds
    up pretty well for a mini. I wish it had
    more contributions though. I'm already
    tired of explaining what 'E.C.' is to
    everyone. The best thing I can do is
    get as many copies as I can into
    peoples hands.

    You are a lot of the reason I even
    know what 'E.C.' is, I'm glad you
    like it!

  3. Why, it's Educational Comics! Everyone knows that.